dynamic creative process
to inspire
personal and professional growth




Ideas make Visions, Visions turn into goals, Goals make the Change possible.

Vision is about looking inward and imagining forward. 

Vision provides direction, gives purpose, inspires imagery and sets the guidelines. Having a clear Vision means getting clarity and selfawereness, setting goals and going towards them.

Vision sets the way to innovation in creative, social, personal and organisational processes. 

Vision means connecting to oneself and creating connection to others by sharing passion and purpose and exchanging values. 




flowraum coaching offers space to experiment and evolve            allows exploration and creativity

Vision is a benchmark giving an optic to our coaching practice. Working with clients we go through different phases, to have a deeper look at those aspects that are currently essential. From setting goals and forming identities and self definition, fosterig creativity and clarifying values

This is how problem solving, improvement and innovation is possible on a personal and professional, organisational level. 

It is not about applying formulas or ready made schemes but offering creative tools and methods to explore with and to gain a feeling of self efficacy and be in power of own stories, believs and actions.


body awerness


positive psychology

Are foudantions of our unique coaching method.Through the practice of conversational interaction new impulses for growth and discovery are emerging, clarity, self awareness and self efficacy are possible to flourish. Coaching is a learning experience. It’s not invasive but immersive, and at the same time empowering, as it focuses on unfolding strengths, qualities, potentials and developing practices to align with them. Our holistic approach considers multidimensional aspects of learning and transformation such as: cognitive, experiential, visionary and immersive


individual clients

Space to be  mindful and vulnarable, find solutions that are aligned and feel coherent, establish self-connection, and navige life towards Your Vision   

  •  stimulate creativiy and live life of flow
  • self defnition and self clarification
  • building self awerness and claryfying values
  • making mindful decisions and choices
  • develop strategies and behavious supporting Your life Vision
  • develop positive believs that foster Your life
  • gain clarity and structure in moments of chaos and loosing direction
  • be experimental and creative about Your life
  • learn about creativity, mindfulness and positive psychology

teams and organisations

Shifting paradigm from problem oriented into direction of ideas and visions for a better world and organisation

  • mindful leadership 
  • participative inclisive decision making
  • mindful co-creative change management
  • from ideas into Innovation
  • cooperative team building
  • claryfication on values and purpose as a organisation
  • defining Vision 
  • purpose oriented problem solving 
  • solution oriented communication
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